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Table 2 Plant materials used.

From: Reconstruction of putative DNA virus from endogenous rice tungro bacilliform virus-like sequences in the rice genome: implications for integration and evolution

Sample Species Cultivar or accession Remarks
1 O. sativa Shimokita Japonica from Japan
2 O. sativa T65wx Near-isogenic line of Taichung 65 with wx from Kinoshitamochi (BC12)
3 O. sativa 221 Javanica type from Indonesia
4 O. sativa PTB10 Indica type from India
5 O. rufipogon W107 Annual type from India
6 O. rufipogon W120 Perennial type from India
7 O. rufipogon W1717 Perennial type from China (through IRRI)
8 O. rufipogon W1718 Perennial type from China (through IRRI)
9 O. glaberrima W025 From Guinea
10 O. barthii W1592 From Cameroon
11 O. glumaepatula W1185 From Surinam
12 O. meridionalis W1625 From Australia
13 O. longistaminata W1034 From Nigeria
14 O. longistaminata W1572 From Nigeria