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Table 1 Six sets of genes that are highly expressed in immune tissues, grouped by function. Gene symbol and GenBank accession number identify genes

From: Microarray and comparative genomics-based identification of genes and gene regulatory regions of the mouse immune system

Defense – Immune – 38 Genes Defense – 21 Genes Signal – 47 Genes
1190001G19Rik NM_026875 5830443L24Rik BC031475 1200013B08Rik NM_028773
A630096C01Rik BB629669 Arl6ip2 BC006934 2410118I19Rik AK004869
AI789751 AI789751 Bst1 NM_009763 2610207I05Rik AK011909
B2m NM_009735 C1qg NM_007574 Adcy7 NM_007406
BB219290 NM_145141 C1s NM_144938 AI325941 BF181435
Btla-interim BM240873 Camp NM_009921 Arhh AK017885
Cd14 NM_009841 Daf1 NM_010016 Cd37 NM_007645
Cd79b NM_008339 Gbp2 NM_010260 Cd53 NM_007651
Cd86 BC013807 Gzmb NM_013542 Cd97 NM_011925
Cxcl9 NM_008599 Klra24-pending AA288274 Clecsf12 NM_020008
Fcgr3 NM_010188 Klrd1 NM_010654 Clecsf5 NM_021364
Gp49a NM_008147 Ncf2 NM_010877 Clk3 AF033565
H2-Aa NM_023145 Ncf4 NM_008677 Coro1a NM_009898
H2-Ab1 NM_010379 Oas2 NM_145227 D530020C15Rik BC027196
H2-DMa NM_010386 Oasl2 NM_011854 Dgkz BC014860
H2-Eb1 NM_010382 Ocil-pending NM_053109 Dok2 NM_010071
H2-K U47328 Prg NM_011157 E430019B13Rik AA881918
H2-L M34961 Tnfrsf13b AK004668 G431001E03Rik AA387272
H2-Oa NM_008206 Tnfrsf4 NM_011659 Gnb2-rs1 NM_008143
H2-Ob NM_010389 Tnfrsf9 NM_011612 Gpcr25 NM_008152
H2-Q7 NM_010394 Zbp1 AA175243 Gprk6 NM_011938
Igh-4 L36938    Hck NM_010407
Igj BC006026 Apoptosis – 14 Genes Iigp-pending NM_021792
Igl AK008551    Il2rg NM_013563
Igsf7 AF251705 5630400E15Rik AK017464 Il4ra NM_010557
Lst1 AF000427 AI447904 BF179348 Jak1 BC031297
Ly86 NM_010745 Axud1 BC029720 Lck BC011474
Mpa2 NM_008620 Biklk BC010510 Lcp2 BC006948
Mpeg1 L20315 Birc2 NM_007464 Lyn BC031547
Ms4a1 NM_007641 Casp4 NM_007609 Lypla1 BF160555
Ms4a4b NM_021718 Dnase1l3 NM_007870 Map3k1 AF117340
Ms4a6c NM_028595 Ian4 NM_031247 Map4k1 BC005433
Sema4d NM_013660 Ifi203 AA174447 Mbc2 BC011482
Tactile-pending NM_032465 Ripk3 NM_019955 P2y5 AK011967
Tcrd AI530748 Scotin-pending NM_025858 Pilra AJ400844
Tcrg NM_011558 Stk17b NM_133810 Pip5k2a AK012196
Tlr1 NM_030682 Stk4 W77521 Ptpn2 NM_008977
Trygn16 M97158 Trp53inp1 NM_021897 Ptpn8 NM_008979
     Ptprc NM_011210
Lysosomes – 6 Genes Chemotaxis – 8 Genes Ptprcap NM_016933
     Rac2 NM_009008
Acp5 AA002801 Ccl19 NM_011888 Stat1 NM_009283
Ctsl NM_009984 Ccl22 NM_009137 Stat3 BC003806
Ctss NM_021281 Ccl4 NM_013652 Stat4 NM_011487
Ctsz NM_022325 Ccl6 NM_009139 Stk10 NM_009288
Man1a NM_008548 Ccr2 NM_009915 Syk NM_011518
Man2b1 NM_010764 Cxcl13 NM_018866 Tln NM_011602
   Cxcr4 NM_009911   
   S100a8 NM_013650