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Table 1 Breast cancer gene expression data sets used in the prognostic meta-analysis. Bad outcome (Y = 1) is defined as recurrence during follow-up, and good outcome (Y = 0) is defined as remaining recurrence-free for at least three years.

From: Prognostic meta-signature of breast cancer developed by two-stage mixture modeling of microarray data

Authors Array platform Number of array elements Sample size (n) Good outcome (n0) Bad outcome (n1)
Sorlie et al. Spotted cDNA 8102 58 23 35
van't Veer et al. Inkjet oligonucleotide 25000 78 44 34
Sotiriou et al. Spotted cDNA 7650 98 53 45
Huang et al. Affymetrix chip 12625 71 36 35