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Table 2 Genes used in this study. From the data of Gibson et al. (2004), 34 candidate genes were chosen for study whose transcripts were expressed to higher levels in either Oregon R (OrR) or Russian 2b (R2b) strain (P < 0.01) (first geneset) or did not vary between strains (P > 0.1) (second geneset) and did not vary between the sexes or have sex by strain interaction (P > 0.05 or P > 0.1, for the two genesets respectively). (CODE, CG number from FlyBase Release 3.0; EXP. DIFF., indicates where gene expression on microarray does or does not vary between strains; N, number of replicate probes representing gene on microarray; CHR., chromosomal location; LEN., length of promoter analyzed in this study; ACC. #, GenBank accession numbers for gene's proximal promoter in the OrR strain followed by the R2b strain)

From: Reverse transcriptional profiling: non-correspondence of transcript level variation and proximal promoter polymorphism

CG1762 Bintv OrR>R2b 4 2L cell adhesion 1518 DQ017407,6
CG1944 CYP4P2 OrR>R2b 5 2R steroid metabolism 1530 DQ017409,8
CG5105 Plap OrR>R2b 5 2L phospholipase A2 activator 1539 DQ017395,4
CG5952 Fer2 OrR = R2b 3 3R transcription factor 1452 DQ017400,1
CG6547 mRpL2a OrR = R2b 3 3R ribosome structure 1448 DQ017398,9
CG7779 Cng OrR = R2b 5 2R cation channel 1622 DQ017397,6
CG8095 Scab OrR>R2b 5 2R cell adhesion 1652 DQ017403,2
CG9765 tacc OrR = R2b 3 3R microtubule binding 1428 DQ017405,4
CG10488 eyg OrR>R2b 4 3L transcription factor 1494 DQ017410,1
CG14827 mei-P22 OrR = R2b 4 3L meiotic recombination 1392 DQ017412,3
CG1922 onecut OrR = R2b 3 4 transcription factor 2410 DQ017414,5
CG3584 qkr58E-3 R2b>OrR 3 2R RNA binding 1720 DQ017416,7
CG3616 CYP9C1 R2b>OrR 3 2R unknown 1645 DQ017418,9
CG3758 esg OrR = R2b 3 2L transcription factor 1890 DQ017420,1
CG4485 CYP9B1 R2b>OrR 3 2R unknown 1629 DQ017422,3
CG4871 ST6Gal OrR>R2b 3 2R polysaccharide metabolism 1776 DQ017424,5
CG5517 Ide OrR>R2b 3 3L unknown 1746 DQ017426,7
CG6715 KP78a OrR = R2b 3 3R protein kinase 1623 DQ017428,9
CG8585 Ih OrR = R2b 3 2R cation channel 1516 DQ017430,1
CG9847 Fkbp13 R2b>OrR 4 2R protein folding 1676 DQ017432,3
CG10002 fkh OrR = R2b 3 3R transcription factor 1857 DQ017434,5
CG10094 CYP313A2 OrR = R2b 3 3R steroid metabolism 1537 DQ017436,7
CG10692 Mt2 OrR = R2b 3 2L DNA methylation 1577 DQ017438,9
CG11084 pk OrR = R2b 3 2R cell polarity 1523 DQ017440,1
CG11186 toy OrR>R2b 3 4 transcription factor 2061 DQ017442,3
CG11895 stan OrR = R2b 3 2R GPC receptor 1636 DQ017444,5
CG15807 CYP313A5 OrR = R2b 3 3R steroid metabolism 1390 DQ017446,7
CG16963 Cry OrR>R2b 3 2L eye lens structure 1769 DQ017448,9
CG18647 bin R2b>OrR 3 3L transcription factor 1595 DQ017450,1
CG4088 lat R2b>OrR 3 2R olfactory learning 2000 DQ017455,4
CG9379 by/tensin R2b>OrR 3 3R actin binding 1498 DQ017456,7
CG9712 TSG101 R2b>OrR 3 3L ubiquitin-protein ligase 1374 DQ017453,2
CG13432 l(2)05510 R2b>OrR 3 2R unknown 1404 DQ017458,9
CG31908 NA R2b>OrR 2 2L unknown 1328 DQ017460,1