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Figure 3

From: Hypoxia-activated genes from early placenta are elevated in Preeclampsia, but not in Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation

Figure 3

Pictures obtained after data clustering of the SSH hybridizations using the Treeview software [22]. The programs were used according to the parameters described in Material and Methods. Clusters of genes expressed in specific situations are represented. Above the general tree are presented the means of the different hybidization grouped into 6 categories of probes used. Clusters of transcriptionnally induced genes could be characterized. A, Full Term Placentas (Mean FTP); B, Early Term Placentas (Mean ETP), C, Preeclampsia with IUGR (mean PER); D, PER + isolated PE; E, isolated IUGR (Mean R), F, isolated PE (Mean PE), G, 48 h hypoxia.

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