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Table 1 Properties and sequence similarities of the C. glutamicum proteins possibly involved in assimilatory reduction of sulphate

From: Functional genomics and expression analysis of the Corynebacterium glutamicum fpr2-cysIXHDNYZ gene cluster involved in assimilatory sulphate reduction

C. glutamicum protein properties    BLAST resultsb   
CDS (protein a) length (aa) pI mw [kDa] hit against in organismc description E-value identical/positive aa
Cg3112 (CysZ) 309 9.98 32.0 Q8FM69 C. efficiens Conserved hypothetical protein 2e-134 77/88%
     Q81NU8 B. anthracis Putative membrane protein 8e-58 46/64%
     Q813F4 B. cereus Hypothetical membrane spanning protein 4e-57 46/64%
Cg3113 (CysY) 241 5.44 24.7 Q8FM68 C. efficiens Hypothetical protein 1e-80 67/77%
     P61817 B. megaterium Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase SirB 5e-16 28/45%
     Q93RW8 S. coelicolor Hypothetical protein SC01858 2e-13 31/43%
Cg3114 (CysN) 433 5.08 46.9 Q8FM67 C. efficiens Putative sulphate adenylyltransferase SU 1 0.0 84/90%
     Q9ADG6 S. coelicolor Sulphate adenylyltransferase SU 1 3e-lll 55/67%
     Q10600 M. tuberculosis Sulphate adenylyltransferase SU 1 1e-104 50/69%
Cg3115 (CysD) 304 5.09 34.3 Q8FM66 C. efficiens Putative sulphate adenylyltransferase 7e-168 95/96%
     Q9ADG5 S. coelicolor Sulphate adenylyltransferase SU 2 2e-123 71/83%
     Q9X5UO S. lavendulae Sulphate adenylyltransferase SU 2 6e-123 70/82%
Cg3116 (CysH) 261 5.30 28.5 Q8FM65 C. efficiens Putative PAPS reductase 3e-129 86/89%
     Q82L82 S. avermitilis Putative PAPS reductase 7e-52 56/67%
     P71752 M. tuberculosis APS reductase 5e-52 54/69%
Cg3117 (CysX) 82 7.86 9.5 Q8FM64 C. efficiens Hypothetical protein 5e-36 81/89%
     Q82L83 S. avermitilis Hypothetical protein 4e-05 50/57%
     Q9ADG2 S. coelicolor Hypothetical protein SC06101 5e-05 50/57%
Cg3118 (CysI) 561 5.53 63.0 Q8FM63 C. efficiens Putative ferredoxin-nitrite reductase 0.0 91/95%
     Q7WT38 Streptomyces sp. Nitrile/sulphite reductase 0.0 56/70%
     Q82L84 S. avermitilis Putative nitrile/sulphite reductase 0.0 55/71%
Cg3119 (Fpr2) 457 4.88 50.1 Q8FM62 C. efficiens Putative ferredoxin-NADP reductase 0.0 87/93%
     Q8NM28 C. glutamicum NADPH-glutamate synthase beta chain 0.0 74/86%
     Q8FMB5 C. efficiens Putative ferredoxin/adrenodoxin reductase 0.0 75/85%
     FPRA_MYCTU M. tuberculosis Ferredoxin-NADP reductase FprA 6e-83 39%
     FPRB_MYCTU M. tuberculosis Ferredoxin-NADP reductase FprB 63e-66 36%
  1. aby sequence similarity
  2. bidentified by BLASTP similarity search. The protein sequences derived from the C. glutamicum candidate CDS were used as queries against the UniProt database
  3. c B. = Bacillus, C. = Corynebacterium, M. = Mycobacterium, S. = Streptomyces