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Table 4 Analysis of gene content in BAC hybridizations.

From: Fish and chips: Various methodologies demonstrate utility of a 16,006-gene salmonid microarray

BAC Name Expected Gene Numbera Hybridized BAC (no Cot) Hybridized BAC (with Cot) Repetitive Elements (no Cot)b Repetitive Elements (with Cot)b Transposon Associated Sequences (no Cot)c Transposon Associated Sequences (with Cot)c
92I04 8 5 8 5 4 9 7
  1. aBAC 92I04 was previously characterized. The assembled BAC sequence was BLASTED against the microarray gene identification list to determine the expected gene number. Repetitive elements, transposon-associated sequences and unknown ESTs were not included in the total. Only the top 50 hits were examined.
  2. bNumber of identified microsatellite and repeat family elements.
  3. cNumber of identified transposon, transposase and reverse-transcriptase associated sequences.