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Figure 2

From: Identification of genes involved in Ca2+ ionophore A23187-mediated apoptosis and demonstration of a high susceptibility for transcriptional repression of cell cycle genes in B lymphoblasts from a patient with Scott syndrome

Figure 2

Quantitative RT-PCR validation for a subset of genes differentially expressed by treatment with A23187. RTs were performed with new RNA prepared from the treated and untreated cell lysates. For each PCR experiment, RT samples were analyzed at least in triplicate for the expression of a gene in parallel with GAPDH and 18S rRNA as described in Methods. Results are means ± SD from two independent PCR experiments with different RTs (each analyzed at least in triplicate) for the up-regulated genes and three independent PCR experiments for the down-regulated genes. The fold changes in expression level, i.e. 2-ΔΔCT for the up-regulated genes calculated as described in Methods and -1/2-ΔΔCT for the down-regulated genes (to compare with the values given in Table 3), are represented on a logarithmic scale. Some of the gene symbols listed in Table 2 and 3 have been recently renamed by Affymetrix [54] and the latest symbols were used for ordering the Assays-on-Demand. WARS: IFN-inducible gamma 2, Ac. N° X59892; ASS: argininosuccinate synthetase, Ac. N° X01630; SIAH2, Ac. N° U76248; CDC20: p55CDC, Ac. N° U05340; CCNB1: cyclin B, Ac. N° M25753; AURKB: protein kinase STK 12, Ac. N° AF004022; UBE2C: cyclin-selective ubiquitin carrier, Ac. N° U73379; H2H2AA: H2A.2, Ac. N° L19779; H1H2BM: H2B/e, Ac. N° Z83738.

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