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Table 1 Effect of A23187 on apoptosis. The B lymphoblasts were cultured in basal (X-VIVO15) medium in the absence or presence of 200 nM A23187 for 48 hours. Percentages of FITC-annexinV positive cells were determined as described in Methods. Two Scott B lymphoblasts independently immortalized from the patient's lymphocytes, one daughter's and two control B lymphoblasts from unrelated individuals were used for these studies. Each cell line was analyzed twice. Results are means ± SD from the four experiments for Scott and control B lymphoblasts respectively and the two experiments for daughter's cells.

From: Identification of genes involved in Ca2+ ionophore A23187-mediated apoptosis and demonstration of a high susceptibility for transcriptional repression of cell cycle genes in B lymphoblasts from a patient with Scott syndrome

  % of annexin V positive cells
  untreated + A23187
Control 18.5 ± 10.7 33.7 ± 17.6
Daughter 14.9 ± 8.6 29.6 ± 0.3
Scott 48.7 ± 7.6 64.7 ± 12.9