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Table 2 NO-regulated genes containing AU-rich elements

From: cGMP-independent nitric oxide signaling and regulation of the cell cycle

GenBank Symbol Regulation by NO Reported regulation by p38 MAPKa
X54150 FCAR UP  
L06633 PSCDBP UP  
K03195 SLC2A1 UP  
X59834 GLUL UP  
U03398 TNFSF9 UP  
M59465 TNFAIP3 UP UP [77]
U15174 BNIP3 UP  
D86962 GRB10 UP  
M60278 DTR UP UP [77]
M69043 NFKBIA UP  
M92357 TNFAIP2 UP  
U48807 DUSP4 UP  
M16750 PIM1 UP UP [77]
X89398 UNG UP UP [77]
S49592 E2F1 UP UP [66]
U70426 RGS16 UP  
X02910 TNF UP UP [87, 88]
X04500 IL1B UP UP [77, 87]
M20681 SLC2A3 UP  
M28130 IL8 UP UP [77, 89]
M57731 GRO2 UP UP [77]
U71203 RIT UP  
S81914 IER3 UP  
J04076 EGR2 UP  
D90070 PMAIP1 UP UP [77]
J04111 JUN UP UP [90]
U09579 CDKN1A UP UP [42]
D16532 VLDLR UP  
U67369 GFI1 DOWN  
U22376 c-Myb DOWN  
U66838 CCNA1 DOWN DOWN [91]
M25753 CCNB1 DOWN DOWN [74]
  1. a As reported in the literature; citations shown in parentheses