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Table 3A Specific promoter elements associated with NO-regulated cell cycle genes

From: cGMP-independent nitric oxide signaling and regulation of the cell cycle

3A. Genes with E2F sites
GenBank Symbol Cell cycle phase Regulation by NO Regulation by E2F1a
J04111 JUN G1/S Up Up [63]
U09579 CDKN1A G1/S Up Up [59]
U77949 CDC6 G1/S Up Up [61]
M74093 CCNE1 G1/S Up Up [63]
X89398 UNG G1/S Up Up [64]
S49592 E2F1 G1/S Up Up [61]
U22376 c-Myb G1/S Down Up [63, 92]
U66838 CCNA1 b G2 Down Up [93]
J04088 TOP2Ab G2 Down Up [62]
L47276 TOP2A b G2 Down Up [62]
X05360 CDC2 b G2 Down Up [62, 64]
X65550 MKI67 G2M Down Up [63]
U14518 CENPA b G2/M Down  
S78187 CDC25B G2/M Down  
M86699 TTK G2/M Down  
U01038 PLK b G2/M Down  
M25753 CENPE G2/M Down  
  1. a As reported in the literature; citations shown in parentheses
  2. b These genes also contain CDE/CHR sites as shown in Table 3B