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Table 1 List of human MHC class I and extended class I (xI) region genes used against the zebrafish whole-genome assembly. Genes with the suffix "like" are either gene fragments and/or highly similar to their human counterparts. Genes not identified by sequence similarity searches are marked as not found (NF). The official gene nomenclature for zebrafish is shown in brackets.

From: A genome-wide survey of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) genes and their paralogues in zebrafish

  name accession location location location location
xI HFE NM_000410 NF    
xI HMGN4 NM_006353 NF    
xI PRSS16 NM_005865 NF    
xI POM121L2 NM_033482 NF    
xI GPX5 NM_001509 NF    
xI RFP NM_006510 NF    
xI MAS1L NM_052967 NF    
xI UBD NM_006398 NF    
xI GABBR1 NM_021905 15 [gabbr1] 19 [gabbr1]   
xI MOG NM_002433 NF    
I HLA*   19 [mhc1uea] 19 [mhc1uaa] 19 [mhc1ufa] 19 [mhc1uda]
    s_1723 [mhc1ze] 1 [mhc1-like] (X3) 1 [zgc:64115]  
I HCG9 NM_005844 NF    
I PPP1R11 NM_021959 NF    
I RPP21 NM_024839 NF    
I GNL1 NM_005275 16 [gnl1]    
I PRR3 NM_025263 NF    
I ABCF1 NM_001090 19 [zgc:85667]    
I PPP1R10 NM_002714 19 [ppp1r10]    
I MRPS18B NM_014046 19 [mrps18b]    
I C6orf134 NM_024909 19 [c6orf134]    
I C6orf136 NM_145029 19 [c6orf136]    
I DHX16 NM_003587 NA5816 [dhx16] 15 [dhx16]   
I NRM NM_007243 NA1826 [nrm]    
I MDC1 NM_014641 NF    
I TUBB NM_178014 20 [tubb5] 14 [tubb2] 23 [tubb2]  
I FLOT1 NM_005803 19 [flot1] 16 [flot1b]   
I IER3 NM_003897 NF 22 [ier5]   
I DDR1 NM_013994 16 [ddr1-like] 4 [ddr2]   
I GTF2H4 NM_001517 19 [zgc:77721]    
I VARS2L NM_020442 19 [vars2-like]    
I DPCR1 NM_080870 NF    
I C6orf15 NM_014070 NF    
I CDSN NM_001264 NF    
I PSORS1C1 NM_014068 NF    
I PSORS1C2 NM_014069 NF    
I C6orf18 NM_019052 NF    
I TCF19 NM_007109 1 [tcf19-like]    
I POU5FI NM_002701 16 [pou5f1]    
I MICA NM_000247 NF    
I HCP5 NM_006674 NF    
I MICB NM_005931 NF