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Table 2 List of human MHC class II and extended class II (xII) region genes used against the zebrafish whole-genome assembly. Genes with the suffix "like" are either gene fragments and/or highly similar to their human counterparts. Genes not identified by sequence similarity searches are marked as not found (NF). The official gene nomenclature for zebrafish is shown in brackets.

From: A genome-wide survey of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) genes and their paralogues in zebrafish

  name accession location location location location
II C6orf10 NM_006781 NF    
II BTNL2 NM_019602 NF    
II HLA-D*   8 [mhc2dab] 8 [mhc2daa] 19 [mhc2dcb-rs] s_2399 [mhc2dfb]
    5 [mhc2-like] NA14232 [mhc2dbb] NA6696 [mhc2ddb] NA6696 [mhc2-like]
    20 [mhc2-like] 15 [mhc2-like]   
II TAP2 NM_018833 19 [abcb3] 19 [abcb3l1] 19 [abcb3l2]  
II PSMB8 NM_004159 19 [psmb8] 19 [psmb10] 19 [psmb11] 19 [psmb9a]
    2 [psmb5] s_1793 [psmb7]   
II TAP1 NM_000593 9 [tap1]    
II PSMB9 NM_002800 19 [psmb8] 19 [psmb10] 19 [psmb11] 19 [psmb9a]
    2 [psmb5] s_1793 [psmb7]   
II BRD2 NM_005104 19 [brd2] 9 [brd2-like] s_549 [brd3] 5 [zgc:77289]
    14 [brd8] 14 [brdt-like] s_277 [brd4]  
xII COL11A2 NM_080679 19 [col11a2] 24 [col11a1]   
xII RXRB NM_021976 17 [rxrb] NA16779 [rxrb] 21 [rxra] 5 [rxra]
    9 [rxrg]    
xII SLC39A7 NM_006979 19 [ke4]    
xII HSD17B8 NM_014234 19 [fabgl]    
xII RING1 NM_002931 NF 2 [rnf2]   
xII VPS52 NM_022553 19 [vps52]    
xII RPS18 NM_022551 NA303 [rps18]    
xII B3GALT4 NM_003782 NF 22 [zgc:76904] s_1722 [b3galt1]  
xII C6orf11 NM_005452 s_2182 [bing4]    
xII HKE2 NM_014260 14 [zgc:66282] NA8827 [zgc:66282]   
xII RGL2 NM_004761 23 [rgl2] NA14862 [rgl2-like] NA7773 [zgc:77299] NA12682 [ralgds]
xII TAPBP NM_003190 19 [tpsn]    
xII ZNF297 NM_005453 19 [znf297]    
xII DAXX NM_001350 19 [daxx]    
xII LYPLA2L CAB63783 19 [lypla2l-like]    
xII KIFC1 NM_002263 19 [kifc1]