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Table 3 List of human MHC class III region genes used against the zebrafish whole-genome assembly. Genes with the suffix "like" are either gene fragments and/or highly similar to their human counterparts. Genes not identified by sequence similarity searches are marked as not found (NF). The official gene nomenclature for zebrafish is shown in brackets.

From: A genome-wide survey of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) genes and their paralogues in zebrafish

name accession location location location location
BAT1 NM_004640 19 [zgc:63773] 16 [ddx39]   
ATP6V1G2 NM_130463 NF 5 [atp6v1g1]   
NFKBIL1 NM_005007 NF    
TNF NM_000594 19 [tnf] NA11949 [tnfa-like]   
LST1 NM_007161 NF    
NCR3 NM_147130 NF    
AIF1 NM_001623 NF 5 [zgc:73179]   
BAT2 NM_004638 19 [bat2-like]    
BAT3 NM_004639 1 [bat3] 19 [bat3-like]   
APOM NM_019101 NF    
C6orf47 NM_021184 NF    
BAT4 NM_033177 s_339 [bat4-like]    
CSNK2B NM_001320 19 [ck2b] (X2) 23 [ck2b]   
LY6G5B NM_021221 NF    
LY6G5C NM_025262 NF    
BAT5 NM_021160 NA9087 [bat5-like]    
LY6G6D NM_021246 NF    
LY6G6E NM_024123 NF    
LY6G6C NM_025261 NF    
C6orf25 NM_025260 NF    
DDAH2 NM_013974 NF 19 [ddah1]   
CLIC1 NM_001288 18 [zgc:77538] 14 [zgc:92762] 16 [clica] 17 [clic4]
MSH5 NM_002441 15 [msh5]    
C6orf26 NM_025259 NF    
C6orf27 NM_025258 1 [c6orf27-like]    
VARS2 NM_006295 11 [vars2]    
LSM2 NM_021177 6 [smx5]    
HSPA1A NM_005345 NA17761 [hsp70] 3 [hsp70] (X3) 8 [hsp70]  
C6orf48 NM_016947 NF    
NEU1 NM_000434 NA17767 [neu1]    
C6orf29 NM_032794 NA17767 [zgc:64108]    
BAT8 NM_025256 NA17767 [bat8]    
ZBTB12 NM_181842 NA17767 [zbtb12]    
BF/C2 NM_001710 21 [bf] NA17761 [bf]   
RDBP NM_002904 NA17761 [rdbp]    
SKIV2L NM_006929 19 [skiv2l] NA17761 [skiv2l]   
DOM3Z NM_032419 NA17766 [dom3z]    
STK19 NM_004197 18 [stk19-like]    
C4B NM_000592 15 [c4] 15 [a2m] 22 [c3] NA17328 [a2m]
   NA14479 [c3]    
CYP21A2 NM_000500 6 [cyp21a2]    
TNXB NM_032470 16 [tnx-like] 2 [tnw] 2 [tnr] 5 [tnc]
CREBL1 NM_004381 NF 20 [atf6-like]   
FKBPL NM_022110 NF    
C6orf31 NM_030651 19 [c6orf31-like]    
PPT2 NM_005155 19 [ppt2] s_1796 [ppt2] NA5816 [zgc:55621]  
EGFL8 NM_030652 NF    
AGPAT1 NM_032741 NF 1 [agpat3] 13 [agpat4]  
RNF5 NM_006913 NF    
AGER NM_001136 NF    
PBX2 NM_002586 NA14559 [pbx1a] 11 [pbx1a] 18 [pbx3b] NA11844 [pbxy]
GPSM3 NM_022107 NF    
NOTCH4 NM_004557 s_285 [notch3] 5 [notch1] NA15389 [notch2] s_1523 [notch3]