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Table 2 SIFT and PolyPhen predictions of the possible impact of 13 amino acid variants in the CMMB on protein structure and function.

From: Efficient gene-driven germ-line point mutagenesis of C57BL/6J mice

Gene (protein ID) Amino acid change SIFT scorea SIFT prediction PolyPhen prediction
Mc1r(NP_032585) Phe256Ser (0.00) (Not Tolerated) Possibly Damaging
Scnm1(NP_081289) Ile112Thr (0.44) (Tolerated) Benign
Usp29(NP_067298) Glu124Lys (0.05) (Tolerated) Benign
Usp29(NP_067298) Cys485Ser 0.01 Not Tolerated Probably Damaging
Usp29(NP_067298) Lys679Arg 0.05 Tolerated Benign
Zim1(NP_035899) Lys176Arg 0.62 Tolerated Benign
Zim1(NP_035899) Lys246Glu (0.30) (Tolerated) Benign
Zim1(NP_035899) Val460Glu 0.18 Tolerated Benign
Myd88(NP_034981) Val175Met 0.01 Not Tolerated Benign
Myd88(NP_034981) Ile273Lys 0.29 Tolerated Probably Damaging
Ap2a1(NP_031484) Glu414Gly 0.23 Tolerated Possibly Damaging
Ap2a1(NP_031484) Asn197Lys 0.36 Tolerated Possibly Damaging
Pak4(NP_081746) Pro283Ser 0.42 Tolerated Possibly Damaging
  1. aSIFT scores indicate if amino acid changes are predicted to be Not Tolerated (<0.05) or Tolerated (≥0.05). SIFT scores and predictions in parentheses should be interpreted with caution because the median sequence conservation score was >3.25.