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Table 2 Summary of identified teleost OR genes. OR sequences identified in the present study are listed in this table.

From: The odorant receptor repertoire of teleost fish

  Zebrafish Fugu Tetraodon
Intact genes a 143 (7) 44 (3) 42 (6)
Partial genes b 7 9 4
Pseudogenes c 10 4 11
Total 160 57 57
  1. a A gene is operationally defined as "intact" if it possesses a full-length OR protein coding sequence with no more than one disruption. For each species, the number of genes with a single disruption is listed in parentheses; the remainder contain no disruptions.
  2. b A sequence encoding ≤ 275 contiguous amino acids, missing specific features characteristic of ORs (see the text for details), or missing start or stop codons is classified as a partial gene.
  3. c A sequence is defined as a pseudogene if it is a partial gene with one or more disruption or a full-length gene with 2 or more disruptions.