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Table 1 Resources for validated transcription start sites

From: Comparative promoter region analysis powered by CORG

Database name Features
Eukaryotic promoter database (EPD) [44] The Eukaryotic promoter database is the smallest in size, but largely consists of manually curated entries.
DataBase of Transcriptional Start Sites (DBTSS) [45] The DBTSS contains reliable information on the transcriptional start sites for man and mouse promoters. They exploit the oligo-capping technique to enrich their pool of clones for full-length 5'-to-3' cDNAs
H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB) [46] H-InvDB is an international effort to integrate annotation of 41,118 full-length human cDNA clones that are currently available from six high throughput cDNA sequencing projects.
FANTOM 2 (RIKEN) [47] The RIKEN consortium presented the FANTOM collection of RIKEN full-length cDNA clones. FANTOM stands for Functional Annotation of Mouse cDNA clones.
The Reference Sequence project (RefSeq) [48] The Reference Sequence project aims to provide a comprehensive, integrated, non-redundant set of sequences, including full-length transcripts (mRNA)