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Table 3 Enrichment of Gene Ontology categories in the lists of differentially expressed genes. Analysis with exact Fisher's test, (p < 0.05) was made using the composition of microarray as a reference. The numbers of differentially expressed genes and genes on the microarray are in parentheses.

From: Gene expression in the brain and kidney of rainbow trout in response to handling stress

Brain Kidney
Intracellular signaling cascade (19/47) Mitochondrion (19/71)
RAS protein signal transduction (6/9) Electron transporters (13/43)
GTPase mediated signal transduction (11/16) Extracellular (19/70)
Chaperones (16/40) Endopeptidases (8/22)
Heat shock proteins (8/16) Metallopeptidases (7/12)
Metal ion binding (31/80) Zinc ion binding (8/24)
Carriers (15/37)  
Potential-driven transporters (7/9)  
Calcium ion binding (20/41)  
Magnesium ion binding (8/14)  
Cytoskeleton (27/76)  
Myofibril (16/16)  
Microtubule-based process (6/6)