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Figure 3

From: A gene expression fingerprint of C. elegans embryonic motor neurons

Figure 3

Coefficients of Determination (R2) for individual hybridizations. A. Scatter plot of normalized intensity values (log base 2) for representative hybridization (DMR30) from all cells (Reference) compared to the average intensity of four Reference hybridizations. B. Scatter plot of representative unc-4::GFP hybridization (DM39) compared to the average intensities for all three unc-4::GFP hybridizations. C. Results of single unc-4::GFP hybridization (DM39) (red) compared to average Reference intensities (green) to identify transcripts showing differential expression. The unc-4 transcript (arrowhead) is highly enriched (~13×) in unc-4::GFP neurons D. R2 values for all pairwise combinations of unc-4::GFP hybridizations. E. R2values for all pairwise combinations of Reference (i.e. all cells) hybridizations.

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