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Figure 5

From: A gene expression fingerprint of C. elegans embryonic motor neurons

Figure 5

GFP reporters validate UNC-4 motor neuron genes. A. unc-4::GFP is expressed in 13 embryonically-derived motor neurons. Colored circles indicate approximate location of UNC-4 motor neuron soma in newly hatched L1 larva. Transgenic animals expressing GFP reporters for representative UNC-4 motor neuron genes. Anterior to left. B. acr-14. Confocal GFP/DIC projection. acr-14::GFP is expressed in RME in the head and in ventral nerve cord (VNC) motor neurons (arrows). C, D. flp-13. Confocal DIC/GFP image of head region. (C) and matched confocal GFP projection (D). Note DD1 commissure to dorsal side (white arrow). Arrowhead marks nerve ring. E, F. F29G6.2. Arrows point to VNC motor neurons (L2 Larva) (E). Posterior view of VNC showing F29G6.2::GFP expression in all VNC motor neurons. Asterisk marks gut autofluorescence (F). G, H. tig-2. DIC/GFP image of L2 larva. Note GFP expression in VNC motor neurons (arrows) and in head muscles (arrowhead) (G). Confocal projection of anterior VNC. tig-2::GFP is detected in A and B class motor neurons, pharyngeal muscle (arrow) and body wall muscle (bwm) (H). Scale bars are 10 microns in panels C, D, F, H and 20 microns in B, E, G.

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