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Table 1 Expression of promoter-GFP reporters for transcripts enriched in unc-4::GFP motor neuron data set. Reporters were examined for expression in DA, SAB and I5 neurons. 15/18 reporters showed GFP expression (bold type) in these cells. GFP reporters are listed according to statistical rank. All GFP-positive reporters were visible in embryos (data not shown) but were scored in larval animals to ease neuron identification.

From: A gene expression fingerprint of C. elegans embryonic motor neurons

Rank Cosmid Gene Protein UNC-4 neuron Other cells
15 F33D4.3 flp-13 neuropeptide I5 ASE, ASG, ASK, BAG, DD, M3, M5, head neurons [67]
17 C11D2.6 nca-1 Ca++channel DA DB, VA, VB, head/tail neurons
56 F09C3.2   phosphatase DA VA, VB, VD, DB, intestine, hypodermis
98 T19C4.5   novel   no GFP
161 T23D8.2 tsp-7 tetraspanin DA all VNC motor neurons, head/tail neurons, touch neurons
165 CC4.2 nlp-15 neuropeptide   DD, head/tail neurons, body muscles, pharyngeal muscle [105]
210 F29G6.2   novel DA DB, touch neurons, pharyngeal neurons, head neurons
215 F39G3.8 tig-2 TGF-β DA VA, VB, DB, body wall muscle, touch neurons, pharyngeal muscle
233 F55C12.4   novel DA VB, DB, DD, AS, VD
234 E03D2.2 nlp-9 neuropeptide   VA, intestine, head neurons [105]
239 ZC21.2 trp-1 Ca++channel DA DB, VA, VB
254 Y47D3B.2A nlp-21 neuropeptide DA DB, VA, VB, AS, body muscle, head neurons, intestine [72]
329 F36A2.4 twk-30 K+ channel DA all VNC motor neurons [106]
377 C18H9.7 rpy-1 rapsyn DA VD, AS, VB, DB, body muscles
593 F43C9.4a mig-13 CUB domain DA DB, ant. VNC motor neurons, pharyngeal/intestinal valves, hypodermis [107]
782 T05C12.2 acr-14 nAChR DA VB, AS, DB, DD, HSN, VC4 & 5, AIY, head neurons, muscles, intestine
788 T27A1.6 mab-9 transcrip. factor DA DD, DB, VD, AS
877 K02E10.8 syg-1 Ig Domain DA VA, HSN and other neurons