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Table 3 Summary of G-protein signaling genes in unc-4:: GFP neurons. Genes either known to function in C. elegans motor neuron G-protein signaling pathways or likely to have a role therein (e.g. SER-4) are listed here with KOG descriptions. Transcripts are listed as either enriched with statistical rank (top) or as EGs (bottom).

From: A gene expression fingerprint of C. elegans embryonic motor neurons

Cosmid Name Common Name Statistical Rank KOG Description
F47D12.1 gar-2 245 7 transmembrane receptor
Y40H4A.1 gar-3 421 Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor
F15A8.5d dop-1 683 7 transmembrane receptor
Y22D7AR.13 ser-4 680 7 transmembrane receptor
Y41G9A.4   769 GABA-B ion channel receptor subunit GABABR1 and related subunits, G-protein coupled receptor superfamily
M01D7.7a egl-30 124 G protein subunit Galphaq/Galphay, small G protein superfamily
F28C1.2 egl-10 872 G protein signaling regulators
F57F5.5 pkc-1 743 Serine/threonine protein kinase
F17C8.1 acy-1 884 Adenylyl cyclase
R07E4.6 kin-2 467 cAMP-dependent protein kinase types I and II, regulatory subunit
Present (EGs)    
Y69A2AR.1 ric-8   Signaling protein RIC-8/synembryn (regulates neurotransmitter secretion)
C16C2.2a eat-16   G protein signaling regulators
B0348.4a egl-8   Phospholipase C
F52A8.2 gpb-2   G-protein beta subunit
C26C6.2 goa-1   G-protein alpha subunit (small G protein superfamily)
ZK542.2a unc-13   Neurotransmitter release regulator, UNC-13
C09E10.2a dgk-1   Diacylglycerol kinase
R06A10.2 gsa-1   G protein subunit Galphas, small G protein superfamily