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Table 2 Systematic names, chromosomal locations (kb), and putative identified cognate receptors of chicken chemokines1

From: Genomic organization, annotation, and ligand-receptor inferences of chicken chemokines and chemokine receptor genes based on comparative genomics

Nomenclature Chromosomal location Ligand name Putative receptor Chromosomal location
CCL1L1 chr19:4,491–4,492 I-309/TCA CCR8a and/or CCR8b chr2:43,465–43,469
CCL1L2 chr19:4,493–4,495    chr2:41,804–41,811
CCL/MCP-L1 chr19:4,495–4,496 MCP-?   
CCL/MCP-L2 chr19:4,498–4,499 MCP-? CCR2 chr2:41,768–41,769
CCL/MCP-L3 chr19:4,507–4,508 MCP-?   
CCL16 chr19:258–261 HCC   
CCL3L1 chr19:240–242 MIP-1a   
CCL4L1 chr19:250–253 MIP-1ß CCR5 chr2:41,784–41,786
CCL5 chr19:263–266 RANTES   
CCL17 chr11:768–771 TARC CCR4 chr2:43,501–43,503
CCL19 chrZ_random:7,804–7,809 MIP-3ß CCR7 chr27_random:661–673
CCL21 chrZ_random:7,810–7,810 SLC   
CCL20 chr9:4,119–4,122 MIP-3a CCR6 chr3:38,589–38,596
Not found2   CCL25 CCR9 chr2:41,880–41,882
CXCL8b chr4:51,462–51,466 IL-8 CXCR2 chrUn:136,108–136,109
CXCL8a chr4:51,475–51,479   CXCR13 chrUn:25,460–25,462
CXCL12 chr6:18,184–18,195 SDF-1 CXCR4 chr7:31,441–31,443
CXCL13a chr4:35,453–35,455 BCA-?   
CXCL13b chr4:35,455–35,457 BCA-? CXCR5 chr24:5,242–5,247
CXCL13c chr4:35,457–35,459 BCA-?   
CXCL14 chr13:14,231–14,239 BRAK Unknown4  
CXCL15 chr4:51,500–51,501 Lungkine Unknown4  
CX3CL1 chr11:758–764 Fractalkine CX3CR1 chr2:43,480–43,490
XCL1 chr1:780,81–78,086 Lymphotactin XCR1 chr2:41,831–41,833
  1. 1 The systematic naming, ligand naming, and putative receptors are according to [37] and [38].
  2. 2 CCL25 was not identified in this study.
  3. 3 The ligand and receptor binding has been experimentally tested [39]
  4. 4 The information is currently not available in humans or mice.