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Table 1 Genes related to cells stages of differentiation

From: Osteo-Promoter Database (OPD) – Promoter analysis in skeletal cells

Proliferation Differentiation Mineralization
Dlx5 Collagen 2A1, Collagen 1A1 phosphatase Alkaline
jun-c, fos-c BMP7, BMP4, BMP2 Osteopontin
Cbfa1 TGFR beta3, TGFR beta1 Osteocalcin
Vitamin D IGF2, IGF1 sialoprotein Bone
Prostaglandin E2 Fibrillin 1, 2 Osteonectin
PTH FGER 1-3 Biglycan
  1. Table summarized gene expressed by cells at different stages of differentiation. Genes are related to various families of functional genes; growth factors, transcription factors and hormones are presented according their expression throughout osteoblastic differentiation.