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Table 2 Biological themes enriched in genes detected only in exfoliated cells

From: Gene expression profile of cervical tissue compared to exfoliated cells: Impact on biomarker discovery

  Gene Category # of Genes EASE score
Biological process Neurogenesis 62 6.46E-04
  Development 205 1.38E-03
  Behavior 18 6.30E-03
  Morphogenesis 122 1.04E-02
  Regulation of cell adhesion 7 1.10E-02
  Oncogenesis 14 1.38E-02
  Cellular process 614 1.82E-02
  Organogenesis 108 1.82E-02
* Chromatin remodeling complex 10 6.73E-03
  Cell fraction 91 2.44E-02
** Protein tyrosine/serine/threonine phosphatase activity 91 3.23E-03
  1. Cut-off <0.025; *Cellular Component; **Molecular Function