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Table 1 Gene coverage of the analysis

From: Predictive screening for regulators of conserved functional gene modules (gene batteries) in mammals

Sequence data:    
Ensembl genes total: 23954 21961  
Ensembl transcripts total: 34076 35685  
Ortholog pairs of Ensembl genes:    20188
Ortholog pairs with upstream sequence extracted :    13272
Ortholog pairs with upstream sequence extracted (redundancies removed):    12239 *
Expression data:    
Ensembl genes matching SymAtlas probes: 17552 16929  
ortholog pairs with expression data in both species:    13282 **
Integrated dataset:    
Two-species expression data AND regulatory sequence:    9561
  1. Numbers in the 'MOUSE' and 'HUMAN' columns signify the number of unique Ensembl identifiers in each respective species. Numbers in column 'BOTH' signify ortholog pairs of Ensembl entries. The overlap between the nonredundant sequence database (*) and the nonredundant expression dataset (**) was 9561 ortholog pairs.