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Table 4 Comparison of the relative expression levels of transporters in mice and humans. Only genes with at least one four-fold difference in pair-wise comparisons are shown

From: Changes in the transcriptional profile of transporters in the intestine along the anterior-posterior and crypt-villus axes

Gene Name Humana Mousea
  SI > C SI > C D > C J > C I > C
AQP5    x   
SLC19A3    x   
SLC26A6   x x x x
SLC28A3   x x x x
SLC2A2   x x x  
SLC34A2      x
SLC37A4     x  
SLC6A4   x   x x
SLC7A7   x   x x
SLC7A8   x x x x
SLC7A9    x x x
  C > SI SI < C D < C J < C I < C
AQP4   x x x x
AQP8   x x x x
PKD2     x  
SLC26A2b    x   
SLC10A2     x  
SLC2A1   x x x x
SLC6A14    x   x
SLC35A1     x  
SLC40A1     x  
SLC5A1c x     
  1. aPublished expression data are listed in tables 2 and 3. D = Duodenum, J = Jejunum, I = Ileum, C = Colon, SI = Small intestine, - = No data found in the literature. bAccording to Haila et al. [65] highly expressed in the human colon and low in the human small intestine. cAccording to Wright et al. [79] specific for human and mouse small intestine.