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Table 5 Segment and tissue specificity of transporters along the A-P and crypt-villus axis.

From: Changes in the transcriptional profile of transporters in the intestine along the anterior-posterior and crypt-villus axes

Transporter Segment-Specificitya,M Segment-Specificitya,R Tissue-Specificityb
    Duodenum Jejunum Ileum Colon
Abca1 D=J=I=C J=I=C>D Crypts>Villi ND ND ND
Abcc1 D=J=I=C I=C>D=J Crypts>Villi Crypts>Villi Crypts>Villi ND
Abcc3 D=C>J=C>I=C I=C>D=J ND Crypts>Villi ND Crypts>Villi
Abcg8 J>I=D>C D=J=I>C ND Villi>Crypts Villi>Crypts ND
Slc10a2 I>C>D=J I>C>D=J ND ND Villi>Crypts ND
Slc28a2 D>J>I>C D=J=I>C ND Villi>Cryptsx Villi>Cryptsx ND
Slc2a1 C>D=J=I C>I>D=J ND Crypts>Villi Crypts>Villi Crypts>Villix
Slc34a2 I>C>J>D I>C=J>D ND Villi>Crypts Villi>Crypts Villi>Crypts
Slc5a8 C>I>D=J C=I>J>D ND Villi>Crypts ND ND
  1. aExpression in the four intestinal segments (D, J, I, C) was measured in whole tissue using microarrays (M) and RT-PCR (R) (n = 3, p ≤ 0.05). bTissue specificity was determined in laser dissected crypts and villi (n = 5, where p ≤ 0.05 or if indicated with a superscript "*" p ≤ 0.10). "ND" indicates that no significant difference in expression levels were measured between the crypt and villus epithelial cells.