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Table 1 In silico informations available on Unigene about the genes, which are present in the five clusters studied here.

From: Identification, characterization and metagenome analysis of oocyte-specific genes organized in clusters in the mouse genome

Name chromosome GenBank cDNA source
FBXO12A 9 F2 AK054339 Ovary
FBXO12B 9 F2 AK087710 ovary; in vitro fertilized eggs
    unfertilized egg
FBXO12 9 F2 AK087709 ovary, pituitary gland, egg, pre-implantation
    embryo, mid-gestation embryo
FBXO12C 9 F2 AK087808 ovary, egg
FBXO12D 9 F2 XM_284540 in vitro fertilized eggs ;
    Unfertilized Egg
FBXO12E 9 F2 XM_486447 Ovary, Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo
FBXO12F 9 F2 XM_486263 Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo
FBXO12G 9 F2 XM_488195 Kidney, Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo, Neonate
FBXO12H 9 F2 XM_356253 Egg
FBXO12I 9 F2 AK054298 Ovary, Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo
FBXO12J 9 F2 AK087669 Brain, Ovary, Skin, Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo
FBXO12K 9 F2 XM_356191 Ovary, Thymus, Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo,
FBXO12L 9 F2 AK007274 Brain, Testis, Pre-implantation Embryo
Tcl1b2 12 E NM_013775 Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo
Tcl1b1 12 E BC052337 Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo
Tcl1b5 12 E NM_013776 Pituitary Gland, Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo, Mid-gestation Embryo
Tcl1b3 12 E NM_013772 embryo ; egg
Tcl1b4 12 E NM_013774 embryo ; egg
Tcl1 12 E BC052336 Unfertilized Egg ; in vitro fertilized eggs
    embryo; egg; retina
Speer A 14 A3 XM_138939 unfertilized egg; in vitro fertilized eggs
    embryo; egg; ovary; round spermatids
  14 A3 AK076711 testis
  14 A3 AK005833 testis
  14 A3 AK016429 testis
  14 A3 AK019699 testis
Oosp2 19 A XM_129237 Ovary, Pre-implantation Embryo
Oosp1 19 A AF420487 Egg, Pre-implantation Embryo, Mid-Gestation
Oosp3 19 A XM_129191 unfertilized egg; in vitro fertilized eggs
    ovary; embryo
trik channel 19 D3 XM_285304 in vitro fertilized eggs; egg
unknown 19 D3 AK015359 testis