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Table 2 description of the 7 clusters of oocyte-specific genes that were considered for the metagenome analysis: clusters of the oogenesin proteins [7], the Oas proteins [38], the Obox proteins [39], the Nalp9 proteins [8], the FBXO12 proteins, the Tcl1 proteins and the Oosp proteins.

From: Identification, characterization and metagenome analysis of oocyte-specific genes organized in clusters in the mouse genome

chromosome name of the cluster number of genes localized in the cluster
9 E1 Oogenesin 12
5 F Oas 3
7 A1 Obox 8
7 A3 Nalp9 3
9 F2 FBXO12 13
12 E Tcl1 6
19A Oosp 3
  Total 48