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Figure 4

From: PCR cloning of a histone H1 gene from Anopheles stephensi mosquito cells: comparison of the protein sequence with histone H1-like, C-terminal extensions on mosquito ribosomal protein S6

Figure 4

Comparison of mosquito histone H1 proteins and RPS6 histone H1-like tails. Panel A shows the alignment of the experimentally-determined An. stephensi histone H1 amino acid sequence, compared to An. gambiae conceptual protein XP_314184. Panel B shows a phylogram produced in PAUP* by neighbor joining, with the nematode C. elegans histone H1-like protein 2 (AAM44399) designated as the outgroup. The alignment includes histone H1 proteins from various Diptera, and the known histone H1-like tails on mosquito RPS6. Values on the horizontal lines indicate branch lengths, defined as the fraction of substitutions between the nodes that define the branch. Bootstrap values based on 1000 replicates are shown within circles. A single tree with identical topology was obtained with the optimality criterion set to parsimony.

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