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Figure 5

From: PCR cloning of a histone H1 gene from Anopheles stephensi mosquito cells: comparison of the protein sequence with histone H1-like, C-terminal extensions on mosquito ribosomal protein S6

Figure 5

Alignment of mosquito RPS6 tails with mosquito histone H1 proteins. Angam (CAD89874), An. gambiae; Anstep (AY237124), An. stephensi; Aealbo (Q9U762), Ae. albopictus; Aeaegy (Q9U761), Ae. aegypti. The alignment was produced with ClustalX (version 1.83), using default settings. Indicators of consensus residues are shown below the alignment. Boxes in the top four entries indicate identities (aside from D, E substitutions) shared by the mosquito RPS6 tails.

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