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Table 2 The 100 genes predicted as neighbours of IS5 elements in the genome of MG1655 isolate 'A'. False significant genes are the genes without any neighbours (5 up- or down-stream neighbours) on this gene list; possible significant genes are the genes with one neighbor on the list; significant genes are the genes with at least 2 neighbours on the gene list. The names in bold are the known IS5 elements.

From: Genome-wide localization of mobile elements: experimental, statistical and biological considerations

False significant genes lpxC, yi22_1, b0878, ompF, b1297, flip, ogrK, fruA, b2442, b2639, cpxR, araH
Possible significant genes, strings of neighbours 1. yi22_2, tra8_2
  2. b1578, rspB
  3. yi22_4, yi21_4
  4. yi21_5, yi22_5
Significant genes, strings of neighbours 1. b0255, tra8_1, ykfC, yi52_1, ykfD, yagD, insB_2
  2. b0546, b0547, b0548, b0550, b0551, yi52_2, b0554, b0555, b0556
  3. gltL, gltK, gltJ, ybeJ, yi52_3, b0658
  4. b1328, b1329, b1330, yi52_4, b1332, fnr
  5. b1361, b1362, trkG, b1368, yi52_5, b1371, b1372, b1374
  6. motB, motA, flhC, flhD, yecG, otsA, otsB
  7. nac, cobT, cobs, cobU, yi52_6, b1995, yi22_3
  8. b2028, gnd, yi52_7, yefJ, yefI, yefH, yefG
  9. yejM, yejO, b2191, yi52_8, narP, ccmH
  10. glcD, glcC, b2981, yi52_9, b2983, b2984, b2986
  11. yhcD, yhcE, yi52_10, b3219, yhcG
  12. arsB, yhiS, yi52_11, slp, yhiF, yhiD