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Table 4 Top 20 S. moellendorffii EST tBLASTX hits for A. thaliana ESTs that are not present within the P. patens EST database.

From: Functional analysis and comparative genomics of expressed sequence tags from the lycophyte Selaginella moellendorffii

  Non-redundant EST tBLASTX E-value Best BLASTX Descriptor in A. thaliana Accession Number
1 SmoC-1_01_H05 1E-107 expressed protein REF:NP_194688
2 SmoC-1_02_C05 1E-99 oligopeptide transporter OPT family protein REF:NP_192815
3 SmoC-1_01_L23 2E-99 putative Mg-protoporphyrin IX chelatase REF:NP_196867
4 SmoC-1_05_G17 2E-99 putative caffeoyl-CoA 3-O-methyltransferase REF:NP_195131
5 SmoC-1_05_K13 5E-90 chloroplast membrane protein (ALBINO3) REF:NP_180446
6 SmoC-1_01_E02 1E-89 cullin family protein REF:NP_567243
7 SmoC-1_05_G03 7E-87 putative UDP-galactose/UDP-glucose transporter REF:NP_563949
8 SmoC-1_05_I19 6E-86 expressed protein REF:NP_566060
9 SmoC-1_02_N15 9E-86 nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase family protein REF:NP_179923
10 SmoC-1_03_I01 7E-80 glycoside hydrolase family 77 protein REF:NP_181616
11 SmoC-1_cn293 4E-77 amine oxidase family protein REF:NP_181830
12 SmoC-1_03_C24 9E-73 uridylyltransferase-related protein REF:NP_564010
13 SmoC-1_02_P14 5E-70 expressed protein REF:NP_199542
14 SmoC-1_06_P21 2E-69 RNase L inhibitor protein-related REF:NP_196569
15 SmoC-1_05_G10 3E-69 expressed protein REF:NP_191746
16 SmoC-1_03_C14 1E-66 putative isoflavone reductase REF:NP_565107
17 SmoC-1_03_N06 6E-65 transducin / WD-40 repeat family protein REF:NP_190148
18 SmoC-1_06_M11 1E-63 dehydration stress-induced protein GB:AAM62648
19 SmoC-1_06_B20 1E-60 putative membrane protein REF:NP_849987
20 SmoC-1_05_O21 2E-60 paired amphipathic helix repeat-containing protein REF:NP_186781
  1. The tBLASTX E-value of an EST varies with its BLASTX E-value in a small range (e.g. SmoC-1_01_H05 has a tBLASTX E-value of 1E-107 against its homologous A. thaliana EST and a BLASTX E-value of 2E-94 against the translated full length A. thaliana cDNA.). The homology ranking was based on the tBLASTX E-value. The identities of ESTs were putatively described by the A. thaliana protein with the lowest E-value in the BLASTX analysis.