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Table 7 Nonsynonymous SNP in MMU2, 9 and 17 hg modifier candidate genes predicted by SIFT and Polyphen to alter protein function

From: Genome-wide isolation of growth and obesity QTL using mouse speed congenic strains

Gene MMU Mbp AAÄa B6/CASTb Polyphen CAST/B6 Polyphen B6/CAST SIFT CAST/B6 SIFT
Nmi 2 52.0 R243C B B T D
Mtx2 2 74.7 T1099M PSD PSD T D
Ubr1 2 120.6 A1371T B B D T
Ptpns1 2 129.3 H224N PBD PBD T T
Ubce7ip5 2 130.3 A314P PSD PSD T T
  2   I366T B B T D
Plcg1 2 160.5 T1165A B B T D
Mmp9 2 164.7 A514P B B D D
  2   P639L PBD PBD T T
Tyk2 9 21.0 R234H PSD PSD T T
    C831S PSD PSD T T
    T1099M PSD PSD T D
Vav 17 55.5 Q29H PSD PBD T T
    Q53H PBD PSD T T
    Q65H PBD PSD T D
  1. MMU, mouse chromosome; AA, amino acid; PBD, probably damaging, PSD, possibly damaging; B, Benign; T, tolerated and D, deleterious.
  2. a Amino acid change, first residue listed corresponds to the CAST allele and second corresponds to the B6 allele.
  3. b Indicates which allele was designated as "mutant", i.e. B6/CAST, B6 allele is mutant and CAST is wild type.