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Table 6 Sequence of gene-and species-specific primers.

From: Cross-species hybridizations on a multi-species cDNA microarray to identify evolutionarily conserved genes expressed in oocytes

Gene Name Species Primer Sequence amplicon size
Smfn Mouse up 5'- TTT GTA CGA CAG CAG ACT CCT C -3' 245
   low 5'- TGA AGC TCT TTG ATG CTT TCA C -3'  
SMFN Xenopus up 5'- GAG CAC TGT GAA AGA ATT GTG C -3' 225
   low 5'- CTT CGA GTC AGA TGT TGG TCA C -3'  
SPIN Bovine up 5'- TGG CAT GGT CAT TCA TCA AG -3' 233
   low 5'- TTC TGC TGG CAG AGA TTG TG -3'  
SPIN Xenopus up 5'- CAG CCT TGT AGG GAA GCA AG -3' 184
   low 5'- TGT TTG GCA ACA AGT CAA GG -3'  
PRMT1 Bovine up 5'- ACC CTC ACA TAC CGC AAC TC -3' 218
   low 5'- TTC CCC TTG ATG ATG GTC AC -3'  
Prmt1 Mouse up 5'- ACC CTC ACA TAC CGC AAC TC -3' 208
   low 5'- TGA TGG TCA CCA CAT GGT CT -3'  
GAPD Bovine up 5'- CCA ACG TGT CTG TTG TGG ATC TGA -3' 226
   low 5'- GAG CTT GAC AAA GTG GTC GTT GAG -3'  
Gapdh Mouse up 5'- ATG TCG TGG AGT CTA CTG GTG TC -3' 486
   low 5'- CAR ACT TGG CAG GTT TCT CCA G -3'  
GAPD Xenopus up 5'- TGT AGT TGG CGT GAA CCA TGA G -3' 500
   low 5'- CAG CAT CAA AGA TGG AGG AGT G -3'