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Table 1 Gene list summary statistics "Contrasting Cell Pop." is the cell population to which the query cell population was compared in order to define the cell type signature list. "Genes" reports the number of genes that make up the gene expression signature that we defined for each cell type. "Correlation " reports the range and median correlation between expression levels of the signature genes and the relative abundance of the cognate cell type. "Fold Enrichment" reports the range and median ratio between the expression level of the genes in each cell type's signature and the "contrasting cell population" to which it was compared.

From: Cell-type specific gene expression profiles of leukocytes in human peripheral blood

Cell type Contrasting cell pop. Genes Correlation Fold enrichment
B-cells T-cells 427 0.95-0.52 (0.81) 16.0-2.0 (2.9)
T-cells B-cells 222 0.92-0.50 (0.74) 18.4-2.0 (2.8)
CD8+ T-cells CD4+ T-cells 23 0.91-0.48 (0.67) 16.4-2.0 (2.6)
CD4+ T-cells CD8+ T-cells 0   
Granulocytes (whole blood) PBMC 411 0.96-0.37 (0.74) 27.7-2.0 (2.8)
Lymphocytes (PBMC) Whole Blood 67 0.91-0.49 (0.76) 29.8-2.1 (3.3)