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Table 1 Significant up- and down-regulated genes from SAM analysis of microarray experiments on 3 sets of monozygotic twins discordant for autism diagnosis with log2(ratio) ≥ ± 0.58

From: Gene expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines from monozygotic twins discordant in severity of autism reveals differential regulation of neurologically relevant genes

Genbank# Gene name or description Mean log2(ratio)* qPCR¥
  Upregulated (log2(ratio) ≥ 0.58)   
R45254 Unknown protein 1.19  
AA448599 F13A1, clotting factor XIIIa precursor 1.08 1.05
AA676466 ASS, argininosuccinate synthetase (aa 1–412) 0.92  
AA992985 Unknown protein 0.88  
AA676405 ASS, argininosuccinate synthetase (aa 1–412) 0.85 1.47
W07099 NAGLU, N-acetylglucosaminidase, alpha 0.85 -0.28
AA044267 P2X5a 0.80  
T49652 FLAP, ALOX5AP 0.79 1.01
H57830 histone H1(0) (aa 1–194) 0.78  
R00276 CD38 alt 0.76  
AA488070 Unknown protein 0.75  
W69399 histone H1(0) (aa 1–194) 0.74  
H09567 PAG1 0.74  
AA609189 Unknown protein 0.73  
H02307 FLAP, ALOX5AP 0.70  
N50114 PAG1 0.69  
AI091671 Unknown protein 0.67  
N70181 PLEKHG1 0.66  
H24011 Homeodomain-like protein 0.64  
AA412520 Unknown protein 0.63  
AA521362 CR2 receptor 0.62  
AI371096 DAPK1, death-associated protein kinase 1 0.62 0.65
T61343 IL6ST, IL6 signal tranducer, gp130 0.59 0.58
N29918 ZBTB10 0.59  
T90067 EIF2C2 0.59 0.99
  Downregulated (log2(ratio) ≤ -0.58)   
T67053 IGLC2 -2.39  
W73790 IGLL1 -2.00  
H18423 Unknown protein -1.98  
AA448157 CYP1B1 -0.95  
AA644099 Unknown protein -0.89  
AA933744 ECAT11 -0.84  
AI018127 Unknown protein -0.83  
AA451886 CYP1B1 -0.77  
AA682565 Unknown protein from neuroblastoma -0.72  
AI223429 Unknown protein -0.69  
AA450353 ELMOD1 -0.69  
AA873578 IGHG1 -0.67  
R33402 SAMSN1 -0.67 -0.61
AA173755 ROBO1, roundabout 1 -0.66 -0.93
AA022886 retinal degeneration B beta -0.64  
AA063573 SAMSN1 -0.64  
H99699 mitochondrial aconitase -0.63  
AI290663 CYBASC3 -0.60  
AA449333 Rab22b -0.58  
  1. *Mean log2(ratio) of gene expression in lymphoblastoid cell lines from children exhibiting classic autism to cell lines from less affected monozygotic twin sibs. SAM analysis revealed 1200 significant genes with an FDR of 26.4%. Only genes for which microarray data is available for all 3 sets of twins are included in this table.
  2. ¥Mean log2(ratio) of qPCR data from 3 sets of monozygotic twins. Gene expression was analyzed in triplicate assays (or duplicate for F13A1, EIF2C2, and SAMSN1) and the mean log2(ratio) for each respective gene was averaged among the 3 sets of twins. Only one gene, NAGLU, out of the 9 tested from this table was not confirmed by qPCR, possibly because of suboptimal choice of primers for qPCR.
  3. Genes in boldface type have been shown to be relevant to neurological development, structure, or function (See Table 3).