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Table 1 Statistics of single domains. Domains in the underlying interaction network are characterized according to their degree k and their strength s, defined as the sum of all weights the domain in question is involved in. Here, we show the 10 most connected and strongest PFAM domains.

From: Topology and weights in a protein domain interaction network – a novel way to predict protein interactions

PFAM domain description degree k PFAM domain description strength s
PF01423 LSM 72 PF01423 LSM 777.7
PF00071 ras 50 PF00118 TCP-1/cpn60 294.5
PF00022 actin 50 PF00022 actin 291.5
PF00069 pkinase 49 PF00069 pkinase 289.0
PF00076 rrm1 45 PF00071 ras 263.5
PF00118 TCP-1/cpn60 43 PF00076 rrm1 253.4
PF00096 zf-C2H2 39 PB075870 248.8
PB075780 39 PF00227 proteasome 237.1
PF00036 efhand 36 PF01008 IF-2B 226.5
PF01008 IF-2B 35 PF00001 7tm-1 226.0