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Table 3 Chlamydia-specific proteins

From: BLAST screening of chlamydial genomes to identify signature proteins that are unique for the Chlamydiales, Chlamydiaceae, Chlamydophila and Chlamydia groups of species

Protein Loci Protein Name/Size C. tra C. mur Next Best Hit (E value, protein length)
CT115 (AAC67706) IncD, 141aa 4e-45 5e-11, 124aa No other BLAST hits
CT116 (AAC67707) IncE, 132aa 2e-45 4e-14, 143aa No other BLAST hits
CT117 (AAC67708) IncF, 104aa 3e-29 6e-25, 104aa No other BLAST hits
CT118 (AAC67709) IncG, 167aa 5e-59 8e-11, 166aa Mesorhizobium loti (8.2, 101aa)
CT135 (AAC67726) hypoth, 360aa 4e-179 4e-115, 365aa Hepatitis C virus (0.86, 414aa)
CT163 (AAC67754) hypoth, 548aa 0 8e-13, 246aa Canis familiaris (1.5, 1971aa)
CT174 (AAC67765) hypoth, 151aa 9e-81 4e-10, 120aa Streptococcus pyogenes (0.066, 152aa)
CT192 (AAC67784) hypoth, 257aa 1e-120 2e-33, 231aa Caenorhabditis briggsae (1.9, 1572aa)
CT226 (AAC67818) hypoth, 176aa 4e-72 2e-12, 166aa Cryptosporidium parvum (0.50, 1366aa)
CT227 (AAC67819) hypoth, 133aa 4e-46 2e-04, 138aa Symbiobacterium thermophilum (8.2, 143aa)
CT228 (AAC67820) hypoth, 196aa 5e-76 4e-28, 210aa Campylobacter jejuni (2.5, 176aa)
CT229 (AAC67821) hypoth, 215aa 2e-86 4e-28, 214aa Bos taurus (0.006, 1976aa)
CT249 (AAC67842) hypoth, 116aa 6e-41 3e-20, 115aa No other BLAST hits
CT300 (AAC67893) hypoth, 115aa 2e-44 2e-05, 127aa Pan troglodytes (6.3, 294aa)
CT326.2 (AAC67924) hypoth, 60aa 2e-28 3e-04 No other BLAST hits
CT345 (AAC67940) hypoth, 121aa 2e-52 5e-24, 121aa Haemophilus ducreyi (4.7, 221aa)
CT357 (AAC67953) hypoth, 110aa 8e-30 9e-07, 106aa No other BLAST hits
CT358 (AAC67954) hypoth, 178aa 2e-79 8e-31, 170aa Anabaena variabilis (0.079, 185aa)
CT360 (AAC67956) hypoth, 208aa 2e-94 2e-46, 212aa Caenorhabditis Elegans (0.052, 728aa)
CT694 (AAC68289) hypoth, 323aa 2e-177 8e-92, 334aa Psychrophila sp. (0.56, 335aa)
  1. These proteins are uniquely found in species belonging to the Chlamydia genus and are absent in the Chlamydophila and Protochlamydia.