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Table 1 Hybridization signal strength of five genes found to be expressed using the array tube but not using the Affymetrix chip, respectively, compared with the results of quantitative PCR experiments (non-stimulated Coga cells). Array tube: relative transmission values, normalized overall. Affymetrix chip: relative fluorescence value, normalized overall

From: An alternative method to amplify RNA without loss of signal conservation for expression analysis with a proteinase DNA microarray in the ArrayTube® format

Gene Affymetrix chip Array tube PCR Quantitative RT-PCR
PAI-1 not present 0,53   4,34*10-7 ng
MMP7 not present 0,52   1,02*10-6 ng
MMP8 not present 0,47 positive  
CST5 not present 0,89 positive  
CTSK 273,8+) 0,43   8,13*10-6 ng
  1. +) this value is below the cut off of 300.