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Table 1 Functional classification of genes selected from microarray analysis.

From: Gene expression profiling in the striatum of inbred mouse strains with distinct opioid-related phenotypes

GO Category GO Term (Term ID) Count #genes Significance p-value
Biological Process Protein Biosynthesis
42 0.002
Biological Process Vesicle-Mediated Transport
25 0.002
Biological Process Macromolecule Biosynthesis
45 0.003
Cell Component Mitochondrion
64 0.004
Biological Process Carboxylic Acid Metabolism
28 0.004
Biological Process Cellular Protein Metabolism
155 0.004
Cell Component Ribosome
22 0.006
Biological Process Cytoskeleton Organization and Biogenesis
31 0.007
Biological Process Cellular Lipid Metabolism
28 0.007
Cell Component Small Ribosomal Subunit
7 0.009
Biological Process Small Gtpase Mediated Signal Transduction
21 0.010
Biological Process Synaptic Transmission
15 0.010
  1. Over-represented functional classes of genes among transcripts with different expression profiles between the mouse strains were found using DAVID 2.1 tool. Analysis were performed at level five and with default parameters which provide low coverage and relatively high specificity for detection of enriched terms. Over-represented GO groups were found at p ≤ 0.01 level Fisher exact test.