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Table 5 Contigs containing at least 5 ESTs that are unique to the FGAS dataset.

From: Wheat EST resources for functional genomics of abiotic stress

Contig name Annotation Number of ESTs Reference
CL1638Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit (no homology) 24 [76]
CL1293Contig2 Wheat cold acclimation protein Wcor80 (Wcs120 homolog, manual annotation) 19 [65]
CL386Contig3 Chitinase 1 18 [31]
CL347Contig3 Cold acclimation protein WCS120 (manual annotation) 17 [65]
CL2466Contig1 Putative heat shock protein (E. Coli contaminant, manual annotation) 16  
CL3394Contig1 Nitrogen regulation protein NR(II) (EC 2.7.3.-) (E. coli contaminant, manual annotation) 12  
CL7Contig23 Aquaporin PIP1   [77]
CL40Contig14 Chitinase IV 11 [31]
CL650Contig3 Chloroplast-targeted COR protein (Wcor14c, manual annotation)   [76]
CL1239Contig3 Putative LMW heat shock protein 10  
CL2570Contig1 Hypothetical protein OJ1015F07.4   
CL125Contig7 O-methyltransferase 9 [75]
CL206Contig11 Low molecular mass early light-inducible protein HV90, chloroplast precursor (ELIP)   [60]
CL3635Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL4047Contig1 ABA responsive protein mRNA (manual annotation)   [78]
CL52Contig12 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL52Contig13 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL619Contig5 WSI76 protein induced by water stress (galactinol synthase, manual annotation)   [79]
CL1228Contig3 Leaf senescence protein-like 8  
CL1293Contig1 Dehydrin (Wcs120 homolog, manual annotation)   [65]
CL2543Contig2 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL400Contig4 Cysteine protease   [80]
CL4107Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL4776Contig1 Probable arylsulfatase activating protein aslB (E. coli contaminant, manual annotation)   
CL1051Contig5 C repeat-binding factor 2 7 [81]
CL2204Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit (Wheat Ice recristallization inhibitor, manual annotation)   [32]
CL3474Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL3792Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL4454Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL5468Contig1 Ubiquinone/menaquinone biosynthesis methyltransferase ubiE (EC 2.1.1.-) (E. coli contaminant, manual annotation)   
CL833Contig4 Putative EREBP-like protein (putative AP2 domain transcription factor, manual annotation)   
CL1318Contig2 S-like Rnase 6 [82]
CL1368Contig4 Beta-expansin   
CL17Contig3 Type 1 non-specific lipid transfer protein precursor (Fragment)   [83]
CL20Contig27 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL2425Contig2 Putative lectin   [84]
CL280Contig2 Low temperature responsive barley gene blt14 (manual annotation)   [62]
CL280Contig4 Cold regulated protein pao29 (similar to blt14 manual annotation)   [62]
CL2910Contig1 CONSTANS-like protein CO6   
CL3212Contig2 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL3324Contig2 RING zinc finger protein-like   
CL3647Contig2 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL3778Contig2 Putative phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase alpha chain   
CL4292Contig1 C2H2 Zinc finger protein (manual annotation)   
CL4895Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL5228Contig1 Putative inositol-(1,4,5) trisphosphate 3-kinase   
CL5712Contig1 Putative ABCF-type protein (anthocyanin transport)   
CL5985Contig1 Hypothetical protein P0508B05.10   
CL6056Contig1 Putative calcium binding EF-hand protein (caleosin: lipid body trafficking, manual annotation)   
CL6257Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL6493Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL861Contig2 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL1051Contig2 C repeat-binding factor 2 5 [81]
CL1182Contig3 OSJNBa0043A12.18 protein (putative transcription factor)   
CL1279Contig2 Isoflavone reductase homolog (EC 1.3.1.-)   
CL1366Contig3 Putative UDP-glucose: flavonoid 7-O-glucosyltransferase   
CL206Contig6 High molecular mass early light-inducible protein HV58, chloroplast precursor (ELIP)   [60]
CL3647Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL4058Contig1 Myb-related protein Hv33   
CL411Contig7 No Gene Ontology Hit (Wheat Ice recristallization inhibitor, manual annotation)   [32]
CL4350Contig2 Similarity to protein kinase   GenBank AY738149
CL4537Contig1 Putative ACT domain-containing protein   
CL4642Contig1 Chitinase 1   [31]
CL4666Contig1 Farnesylated protein 1   [85]
CL4825Contig1 Hypothetical protein P0473D02.6 (Hypothetical protein OJ1368_G08.21)   
CL6137Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL6258Contig1 Putative sodium-dicarboxylate cotransporter   
CL6567Contig1 Putative arabinogalactan protein   
CL6634Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL6741Contig1 Putative b-keto acyl reductase (fatty acid elongase, waxes biosyntheisis)   
CL6821Contig1 Putative strictosidine synthase (alkaloid biosynthesis)   
CL7090Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL721Contig3 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL7241Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL7243Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL7272Contig1 Early light-inducible protein   [60]
CL7415Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL7455Contig1 ABC1 family protein-like   
CL754Contig3 Chitinase 3   [31]
CL7581Contig1 Aspartate transaminase, mitochondrial   
CL7608Contig1 Putative aspartic proteinase nepenthesin I   
CL7617Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit (barley Blt14 homolog, manual annotation)   [62]
CL7686Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL7701Contig1 Putative FH protein interacting protein FIP2 (potassium channel tetramerization)   
CL7785Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL7794Contig1 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL807Contig3 Putative diphosphonucleotide phosphatase (calcineurin-like phosphoesterase)   
CL861Contig5 No Gene Ontology Hit   
CL963Contig4 OSJNBb0013O03.11 protein (bHLH transcription factor, manual annotation)