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Table 6 Annotated contigs that are unique to the TaLT libraries (SSH).

From: Wheat EST resources for functional genomics of abiotic stress

Contig name Annotation Number of ESTs Contigs with similar annotation containing ESTs over-represented in FGAS
CL1246Contig2 Putative high-affinity potassium transporter 29  
CL1122Contig2 Putative phosphoribosylanthranilate transferase 27 7-fold 7e-53 CL10525Contig1
CL1701Contig1 Potential phospholipid-translocating ATPase 23  
CL1961Contig1 Transcriptional factor B3-like 20  
CL1506Contig2 DHHC-type zinc finger domain-containing protein-like 19  
CL2126Contig1 Putative ACT domain-containing protein 19  
CL622Contig3 50S ribosomal protein L22-like 19  
CL2193Contig1 Putative DEAD/DEAH box RNA helicase protein 17  
CL1038Contig2 Pollen-specific calmodulin-binding protein 16  
CL3163Contig1 ATP synthase protein 9, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Lipid-binding protein) 12  
CL3186Contig1 Putative pollen specific protein (Putative ascorbate oxidase) 12  
CL1986Contig1 Putative dCK/dGK-like deoxyribonucleoside kinase 10  
CL3856Contig1 Protein kinase domain 10  
CL2813Contig3 MKIAA0124 protein (Fragment) 9  
CL4654Contig1 Hypothetical protein OSJNBa0088I06.19 8  
CL4703Contig1 40S ribosomal protein S7 8  
CL4937Contig1 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (EC 8  
CL1038Contig3 Hypothetical protein AT4g28600 7  
CL4812Contig1 Homeobox transcription factor-like 7  
CL4821Contig1 Agglutinin isolectin 3 precursor (WGA3) (Fragment) 7  
CL4846Contig1 Putative aldo/keto reductase family protein 7  
CL10Contig35 Ribosomal protein L10A 6  
CL4Contig25 Phytochrome B (Fragment) 6  
CL5821Contig1 Putative very-long-chain fatty acid condensing enzyme CUT1 6 7-fold 2e-57 CL5480Contig1
CL5833Contig1 Putative UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,3-galactosyltransferase-I 6  
CL6515Contig1 NBS-LRR disease resistance protein homologue 6  
CL823Contig3 Putative RNA splicing protein 6  
CL1392Contig2 Heat shock factor-binding protein 1 5  
CL4432Contig2 Putative chromomethylase 5  
CL5300Contig2 Hypothetical protein 5  
CL6924Contig1 Beta-expansin (Fragment) 5 7-fold 8e-48 CL235Contig6
CL6960Contig1 Hypothetical protein OSJNBb0027B08.22 (Hypothetical protein OSJNBa0078D06.5) 5  
CL7305Contig1 Agglutinin (CCA) 5  
CL7698Contig1 Putative resistance gene analog PIC27 5  
CL1101Contig4 Putative amino acid transporter 4  
CL1531Contig2 Putative ZIP-like zinc transporter 4  
CL1739Contig3 Putative ethylene-responsive small GTP-binding protein 4  
CL18Contig7 Putative ribosomal protein L5 4  
CL2037Contig3 Protoporphyrin IX Mg-chelatase subunit precursor 4  
CL2221Contig1 Putative Ribosome recycling factor, chloroplast 4  
CL2305Contig1 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit 12 (eIF-3 p25) (eIF3k) 4  
CL3669Contig2 Putative ascorbate oxidase promoter-binding protein AOBP 4  
CL36Contig7 Adenosylhomocysteinase-like protein 4  
CL3840Contig2 Putative aminopropyl transferase 4  
CL6158Contig2 Cytochrome C6, chloroplast-like protein 4  
CL7225Contig1 P0076O17.10 protein 4  
CL732Contig2 OSJNBa0070C17.10 protein 4  
CL7697Contig1 Heat shock factor protein hsf8-like 4  
CL8407Contig1 Aldo/keto reductase family-like protein 4 11-fold 3e-54 CL3996Contig1
CL9543Contig1 Anthranilate N-benzoyltransferase-like protein (AT5g01210/F7J8_190) 4  
CL10751Contig1 Histone H4-like protein 3 7-fold 6e-46 CL9Contig66
CL10863Contig1 Methionine S-methyltransferase (EC (AdoMet:Met S-methyltransferase) 3  
CL11049Contig1 Transferase family 3  
CL12283Contig1 Putative PPR-repeat containing protein 3  
CL12337Contig1 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 14 (U3 snoRNA-associated protein 14) 3  
CL12711Contig1 Putative lipase/acylhydrolase (Putative anther-specific proline-rich protein) 3  
CL1347Contig2 Omega-3 fatty acid desaturase 3  
CL1402Contig2 Putative VIP2 protein 3  
CL1688Contig3 Putative plastid ribosomal protein L11 3  
CL1Contig342 Protein H2A 3 15-fold 8e-74 CL1Contig113
CL1Contig350 Protein H2A 3 15-fold 2e-47 CL1Contig113
CL1Contig361 60S ribosomal protein L17-1 3  
CL2045Contig1 Cap-binding protein CBP20 3  
CL2470Contig2 Putative inorganic pyrophosphatase 3 7-fold 1e-75 CL2470Contig1
CL2890Contig3 Mak3 protein-like protein 3 7-fold 4e-91 CL2890Contig1
CL3033Contig2 Putative serine/threonine phosphatase 3  
CL3124Contig2 Putative ATP phosphoribosyl transferase 3  
CL4048Contig2 Boron transporter 3  
CL4808Contig2 Putative DNA topoisomerase II 3  
CL617Contig3 Putative calreticulin 3 5-fold 9e-152 CL617Contig1
CL7904Contig1 Hypothetical protein OSJNBb0004M10.19 3  
CL9749Contig1 Putative subtilisin-like proteinase 3 9-fold 3e-20 CL5317Contig1
CL9993Contig1 Hypothetical protein At1g78915 3  
CL4836Contig2 MtN3-like 2