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Table 1 Cancer genes with codons inserted/deleted in chimpanzee. Summary of chimpanzee cancer genes showing inserted/deleted codons with respect to the human sequence. The number of inserted/deleted codons, the amino acid change and whether the insertion/deletion occurred in trinucleotide expanded regions is shown. The status of this codon in human is also indicated.

From: Comparative analysis of cancer genes in the human and chimpanzee genomes

Gene Codons Residues inserted Human status
Codons inserted in chimpanzee
CCNE1 1 S -
FANCC 1 Q (in polyQ repeat) Polymorphic
FGFR1 1 D (in polyD repeat). -
HOXD11 1 G (in polyG repeat) -
HSPCA1 1 E (in polyE repeat) -
MLLT2 1 S -
MLLT3 2 SS (in polyS repeat) Polymorphic
MN1 4+1 QQQQ and Q (in polyQ repeats) -
PML 2 GF -
Codons inserted in human
AF15Q14 1 R -
ASPSCR1 2 ER (in polyER repeat) Polymorphic
ATF1 1 A -
DEK 1 E (in polyE repeat) Polymorphic
DING 1+2 L and RD (in polyRD repeat) -
EP300 3 MQQ (2 repeats in human, 1 in chimpanzee) -
LMO2 1 G (in polyG repeat) -
MLLT2 1 S (in polyS repeat) -
MYST4 2+1 EE and E (in polyE repeats) Polymorphic
SMO 1 L (in polyL repeat) -
ZNF384 1 Q (in polyQ repeat) Polymorphic