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Table 6 A summary of the three L2 clusters whose expression is significantly different between indirectly and directly developing L2s.

From: A microarray analysis of gene expression in the free-living stages of the parasitic nematode Strongyloides ratti

Cluster Expression1 BLAST alignment2 E2 Accession number2
SR02363 2.08 Ce hypo prot: partially confirmed3 8.00E-17 Y39B6A.1
SR00170 2.58 Sm ORF-34 3.00E-05 AAA29909.1
SR00374 2.02 Ce probable peroxiredoxin 1.00E-81 R07E5.2
  1. 1The mean cluster difference in expression. L2 direct-up: SR02363. L2 indirect-up: SR00170, SR00374.
  2. 2The most significant BLAST alignment for each cluster, the BLAST score, E, and GenBank accession number.
  3. 3C. elegans hypothetical protein predicted by GeneFinder in WormBase [53]; partial sequence cloned.
  4. 4Conceptual translation of an Schistosoma mansoni sequence [54].