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Figure 1

From: The maize INDETERMINATE1 flowering time regulator defines a highly conserved zinc finger protein family in higher plants

Figure 1

Gene structure of IDD genes from maize, rice and Arabidopsis and SbID from sorghum. Exons are represented by the open boxes and introns by black lines between boxes. The putative NLS is shown by a dark bar in the first exon; each zinc finger is shown by facing colored triangles (ZF1, orange; ZF2, blue; ZF3, green and ZF4, red). The amino acid spacer between ZF1 and ZF2 is represented by a dotted line. Numbers represent intron size; numbers between forward slashes signify exon size. Introns sizes preceded by '>' indicate that the full sequence is not known but that it is at least as long as indicated. The C-terminal conserved motifs, MSATALLQKAA (light blue box) and TR/LDFLG (purple box) are in the last exon. The asterisk (*) indicates that a stop codon could not be identified. Z = ZmIDD, O = OsIDD, A = AtIDD.

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