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Figure 1

From: Clustering of Pseudomonas aeruginosa transcriptomes from planktonic cultures, developing and mature biofilms reveals distinct expression profiles

Figure 1

Results of K-means clustering of the expression data (K = 10). The three replicates for each of the six conditions were averaged, and then normalized to zero mean and unit variance. A) The Eisen diagram [56] of the expression profiles grouped according to the results of the clustering. Red denotes that the value observed is above the mean of the observation across the dataset. The y-axis shows the number of genes in each cluster. The labels on the X-axis denote the different expression conditions: LP, LP planktonic culture; SP, SP planktonic culture; 8, 14, 24 and 48, biofilm time points. B) The plot of the profiles in each cluster. The X-axis shows the conditions in the same order as A). The thick yellow lines represent the learned cluster centres.

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