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Table 2 Genes present in region PA2134 – PA2190 with an assigned putative functiona

From: Clustering of Pseudomonas aeruginosa transcriptomes from planktonic cultures, developing and mature biofilms reveals distinct expression profiles

ORFb Product Name Gene Name
PA2135 probable transporter  
PA2138 probable ATP-dependent DNA ligase  
PA2140 Probable metallothionein  
PA2142 probable short-chain dehydrogenase  
PA2144 glycogen phosphorylase glgP
PA2147 catalase HPII katE
PA2152 probable trehalose synthase  
PA2153 1, 4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme glgB
PA2155 probable phospholipase  
PA2158 probable alcohol dehydrogenase (Zn-dependent)  
PA2160 probable glycosyl hydrolase glgX
PA2162 probable glycosyl hydrolase  
PA2164 probable glycosyl hydrolase  
PA2165 probable glycogen synthase glgA
PA2177 Probable sensor/response regulator hybrid  
PA2185 non-heme catalase KatN katN
PA2188 probable alcohol dehydrogenase (Zn-dependent)  
  1. a Genes are identified by ORF designation, gene name and product name
  2. b All other genes in this region are of the class 'hypothetical, unclassified, unknown'.