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Table 1 Populations and markers assayed.

From: A high-density consensus map of barley linking DArT markers to SSR, RFLP and STS loci and agricultural traits

Population Type DH method Size Traits segregating 'bPb' DArT markers 'bPT' DArT markers Other markers Reference
Barque-73/CPI71284-48 DH Anther culture 85 - 530 - 166 Hearnden et al., unpublished
Clipper/Sahara DH Hordeum bulbosum 88 Cereal cyst nematode resistance, boron tolerance, zinc accumulation, row number, grain color 522 - 293 Karakousis et al. [52]
Dayton/Zhepi2 DH Anther culture 85 Aluminum tolerance, malting quality 493 - 38 Raman et al., unpublished
Foster/CI4196 F8–9 RIL - 86 Fusarium head blight, deoxynivalenol accumulation, spike angle and density, days to heading, plant height, number of rachis nodes 309 - 247 Horsley et al. [50]
Frederickson/Standera F4–6 RIL - 54 Fusarium head blight, deoxynivalenol accumulation, heading date, vrs1 locus 380 - - Mesfin et al. [48]
Igri/Atlas68a DH Anther culture 54 Yd2, disease tolerance, field performance 480 - - Kucera et al., unpublished
Patty/Tallon F6 RIL - 96 net blotch, leaf rust, kernel discoloration, grain characteristics 257 - - Cakir et al., unpublished
Steptoe/Morex DH Hordeum bulbosum 94 Malting quality, yield, disease resistance, heading date, plant height, lodging, seed weight 483 539 212 Kleinhofs et al. [32]
TX9425/Franklin DH Anther culture 89 Waterlogging tolerance, malting quality 370 - 24 Li et al. [49,51]
Yerong/Franklin DH Anther culture 180 Disease resistance, waterlogging tolerance 450 - 22 Li et al., unpublished
  1. a Part of the DNA samples stored in 96-well microtiter plates got cross-contaminated during shipment as a result of insufficient sealing of the plates, and the corresponding DArT assays, with an excess of '1' scores, had to be discarded.